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Sustainable Energy and Ecological Design

This fall, SEN's Sustainable Energy and Ecological Design (SEED) project sponsored a timely seminar on "Challenges and Prospects for the Development of Non-traditional Energy in the Altai Region" that was groundbreaking in its approach and its cross-sectoral nature. The well-publicized and politically influential seminar was organized by the Russian NGO "Fund for 21st Century Altai", and was attended by members of the governmental, scientific, manufacturing, and nonprofit communities. SEED also purchased six solar panels for an off-grid outdoor recreation center that will demonstrate sustainable energy and promote ecotourism on the threatened Katun River. SEED also supplied a modem and laptop to two NGOs promoting renewable energy, and provided materials for activists protesting the planned transportation of nuclear waste on the Trans-Siberian Railroad.

Mountain Ecosystems

This fall, SEN continued to support conservation efforts in the Altai-Sayan region of southern Siberia. SEN sponsored a student ranger training program at the Siberian Inter-Region Center, and emergency support was provided to Altaiskiy zapovednik (nature reserve) to help get food and supplies to a remote ranger station in trouble. Slide projector equipment was granted to Altaiskiy zapovednik's resident expert photographer to expand his efforts in raising public awareness of the reserve. Also, a laptop was given to the environmental education department of Khakasskiy zapovednik. In October, Aaltje van Zoelen of Russia Far East Development, traveled with our Ecotok partners to southern Siberia to hold a seminar on ecotourism in Shorsky National Park. Alexander Arbachakov of the Agency for Research and Protection of the Taiga served as the local organizing coordinator of the three day event, and twenty-five representatives of environmental NGOs, tour companies and nature reserve staff from throughout the Altai-Sayan region attended.

"An alternative, clean energy plan is doable. It's sensible. It's sustainable. And we need to get on with it, urgently."  -Guy Dauncey   (

Metamorphosis Project

The Metamorphosis Project has had a great fall! We've organized and facilitated a "Healing Self, Healing Earth" weekend retreat and monthly gatherings in Amherst on the last thursday of the month. We also had the opportunity to present our work to a Voluntary Simplicity group in Troy, NY. Come 2002, we're looking forward to offering our "Winter Retreat for Activists and Healers" as well as several custom programs. We continue to feel honored to meet all the amazing people we have met through offering this work.

For those of you out there who have made financial contributions to the Sacred Earth Network, YOU HAVE MADE ALL THIS WORK POSSIBLE! Thank you, thank you, thank you for caring and being willing to offer your personal resources to make a difference in the lives of people and for the Earth.


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The Winter 2001 update was produced by Cathy Pedevillano, Susan Cutting, Alyson Ewald, Shanti Gaia, Leslie Goldstein, Davis Chapman, and Bill Pfeiffer.

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