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Indigenous Peoples

Peace 4 Turtle Island - This is the site for the Iroquois or Haudenosaunee Nations. Learn about the people who inadvertently crafted the US Constitution and what they are up to currently.
World Peace Day - Arvol Looking Horse is a spiritual leader of the Lakota, Dakota & Nakota Nations in the north-central USA.
Russian Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North in Russian and English
HONOR THE EARTH is a national Native grant-making and political advocacy organization founded by Winona Laduke
Indigenous Environmental Network is an alliance of grassroots indigenous peoples whose mission is to protect the sacredness of Mother Earth from contamination and exploitation by strengthening, maintaining and respecting the traditional teachings and the natural laws.
The Hopi Information Network Packed with lots of good info.
Land is Life The mission of Land is Life is to support indigenous communities in their efforts to secure rights at the local and national levels.

General Environmental Organizations

E/The Environmental Magazine - The premiere general environmental news magazine.
Earth Island Institute - One of the USA's most outstanding environmental NGOs.
Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems - Publishing volumes which present a comprehensive, authoritative, and integrated body of knowledge of life support systems.
ENN - The Environmental News Network
Envirolink - "The largest on-line environmental information resource on the planet"
Environmental Organization WebDirectory! - One of the largest web directories of environmental groups
Global Response - Environmental Action + Education Network - great action alerts.
NIRS - A leading NGO working on nuclear Issues
Rainforest Info Centre HOME - The leading Australian environmental group working on tropical rainforest protection, also a section about Deep Ecology

Sustainable Community

Anima Center and Sanctuary - A contemporary study, practice and way of life intended for all deeply feeling, intensely seeking people.
Earthlands - Hosts an array of programs designed to promote and support living and learning  in harmony with the Earth and all life.
Eco-Village Information Service
- All you wanted to know about the emerging eco-village movement
In Context - An on-line journal that does excellent writing on sustainablity issues
Intentional Communities Web Site - Most comprehensive listing of sustainable communities that are online, plus a lot of good information about the intentional communities movement
Interhelp Network -
An international network of people sharing a deep concern for world conditions.


A Prayer Vigil for the Earth - "In this time of prophecy we are all asked to join together--black, red, white, yellow and brown--to pray as One People for the Earth."
Animas Valley Institute (AVI) - AVI's mission is to help individuals re-align their everyday lives with the rhythms and cycles of nature and with their own most deeply-rooted dreams and passions, those found in their souls.
Dream Change - Bringing ancient shamanic teachings and indigenous people's wisdom to bear upon the crises of our "modern" era
EarthLight Home Page - Equally at home in both the spheres of ecology and spirituality, EarthLight explores the relationship of nature and religion, science and the sacred, cosmology and community
Forestdance - Sacred healing and expressive arts fire circle gatherings that honor all life.
Foundation for Conscious Evolution - These innovative folks help us to see a vision of an evolving world based on the pragmatic creativity of countless individuals and groups who separately may appear to be ineffective, but who together are a mighty force changing the world. Holistic and comprehensive.
Genesis Farm - A spiritually-rooted learning center for Earth studies located in northwest New Jersey, Genesis Farm focuses on the connections between the health of our global commons of air, water, land and nature, and the health of our local communities and bioregions.
HeARTbeat Collective - A healing and expressive ARTs organization for balance, ecology, awareness and transformation.
Heron Dance - A publication of interviews from the fringes of our culture -- a journey in search of elusive truths
Lost Borders Press - Support the growing number of youth and adults looking for meaningful ways to move from one life stage to another
Sacred Land Film Project
- explores American culture's relationship to nature from a Native America perspective.
Sacred Sites - Where a particular place on Earth is honored, the sacred dimension is a strong felt-presence.
Spirit in Nature - a place for people of diverse philosophical and religious traditions to a establish a spiritual connection with the earth.  The focus of this group is to raise awareness of the value of spirituality and its influence on how to live on this earth.
Spirit of Now - Peter Russell's page exploring global consciousness and its importance
World Transformation - Here you will find a cornucopia of ideas, resources, connections, information, inspiration and surprises, all aimed at growing, creating or discovering a world that works better for all of us. Extremely good links.

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