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About Sacred Earth Network | Who We Are

We are a group of scientists, environmental educators, activists and Earth lovers who are dedicating our life's energy toward creating a more positive and sustainable future. Sacred Earth Network has arisen out of our passion and belief that in order to survive (and thrive!) as a species, humans must radically change the way we now live with each other and the natural world. Through our combined years of experience, we have a great deal to offer others who no longer want to perpetuate the myriad of ways humans have been taught to separate ourselves from each other and nature. Far too many people are moving through this precious life held back or immobilized by feelings of numbess or deep despair. Our commitment is to change this.


Bill Pfeiffer | President

Ivan Ussach | Treasurer

Jon McGovern

Shea McGovern


Bill Pfeiffer | Director, Workshop Facilitator, Journey Leader

Kathleen Geary | Administrator

Cathy Pedevillano | Consultant, Workshop Facilitator, Expedition Leader

Mariyam Medovaya | Consultant/Coordinator, Endangered Languages and Russian version of SEN web site

Alyson Ewald | Consultant/Coordinator, United Altai Programs


Rebecca Adamson | Founder, First Nations Development Institute

Thomas Berry | Author

Sarah Conn | Founder, Ecopsychology Institute

Paul Devereux | Author

Hilary French | Senior Researcher, World Watch Institute

Thom Hartmann | Author of Prophets Way & Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight

Joanna Macy | Buddhist Scholar, Author

Medicine Story | Wampanoag elder

John Perkins | Founder, Dream Change Coalition

John Seed | Rainforest Activist and Co-Author of Thinking Like a Mountain

Sacred Earth Network, 93A Glasheen Road, Petersham MA 01366
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