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Metamorphosis - Programs and Offerings


Our workshops and presentations include processes that allow participants to spend time connecting with the land and reflecting on their lives and what it means to be a human being on the planet at this time. We encourage participants to connect with their hearts and with the Earth, feel their feelings and move back into their lives from a more centered place of empowerment to act in the world. Our workshops are held outdoors whenever possible. See our workshop listing here.
"[The SEN facilitators] work with a marvelous blend of sophistication and lightheartedness, guiding people along a path of greater awareness and responsibility in a spirit of real reverence.
This... is valuable medicine."
Melissa Everett , Author of Making a Living While Making a Difference
Custom Programs
Based on our workshops we customize programs for specific organizations. Our work is useful to groups of people such as those with an environmental, social justice, and/or community focus. Our work will not only impact individuals, but will assist the organization as a whole in working together more honestly and effectively.
Public Presentations
We love to explain why we think this work is so important and how we go about it. Our presentations include an experiental portion that allows you to "sample" a bit of our work. Please invite us to your venue (home, business association, church, etc.).
"Full immersion" trips to wilderness areas, sacred sites, and visits with native peoples can transform our relationship to ourselves and to the places and people we meet. Come join us as we explore this sacred Earth together to reconnect, rejuvenate and expand our hearts and minds.
Actions for the Earth
We channel participants to a variety of volunteer projects, the goal of which is to clean up and restore regional areas and to facilitate learning about living lightly on the planet.


Community - living in cooperation
Simplicity -
right relationship with time and the resources of the planet
Respect -
for human and non human beings
Action -
for change both locally and globally
Integrity -
living and modeling our values to the best of our ability
Gaia -
The Earth is alive and interconnected
Commitment -
to living life fully and embracing our passions


*Join us for our workshops

*Bring us to your community or organization

*Invite us to do public presentations or speak at conferences

*join us for wilderness excursions or visits to sacred sites

*ask us to connect you to volunteer opportunities for Earth 'restoration' projects

For more info on the Metamorphosis Project, contact Sacred Earth Network


"There is, among people of all faiths, an urgency to taste and know [interconnectedness] and to break down the old dichotomies between self and world, mind and nature, contemplation and action.
Perhaps we suspect that our survival depends on just that."
Joanna Macy, World as Lover, World as Self

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