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Workshops - Testimonials  

"It was really lovely to be in the loving embrace of community. I appreciate all the thought and effort that went into creating a warm and welcoming environment...[the retreat] made us more open to be receptive to the positive."

-Joan Beard, participant in '06 Winter Retreat for Earth Lovers


"Our usual lives are going so fast. It was so good to slow down. I like how music, art/drawing, shamanic journeying, visualization, and physical activity were all part of this retreat. They are all essential." [and another said:] "If only we could live like this all the time. I'm inspired that we could actually create this kind of culture."

-Two anonymous participants in a June '05 Healing Self/Healing Earth workshop


"[The SEN facilitators] work with a marvelous blend of sophistication and lightheartedness, guiding people along a path of greater awareness and responsibility in a spirit of real reverence. This... is valuable medicine."

-Melissa Everett , Author of Making a Living While Making a Difference


"The strength [of the workshop] was too powerful to put fully into words. Through your guidance and abilities to gradually and naturally open up participants to each other; the workshop far exceeded what I suspected it to be, and I had suspected to gain much from the experience..."

-David M Hunt, Community Ecologist

"Your workshop provided a "time out" from my high stress life as an activist so that I could catch my breath, notice my breath, and feel safe enough to feel."

-Cielo Sand, Riverkeeper, The Dogwood Alliance

"I have rarely spent a weekend where I felt such a deeply rooted shared sense of values and faith and such a free flow of healing tears and expansive laughter."

-David Boothby, Counselor, Portland, Maine

"It was a thoroughly fantastic replenishment. I am forever thankful for the chance to connect with so many beautiful people. Thanks again and again."

-Brendan O'Neil, Teacher/Activist, Winter Retreat participant 2001

"I have to tell you how much the beautiful and powerful energy that I received from your workshop has carried me through one of the most challenging years of my life."

-Jodi Redhawk Marciano, The Healing Community Centers of World Peace



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