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Workshops - Why

Several hundred years of industrialization have seriously fragmented communities worldwide and led to an individual sense of dis-connection from the land. Many people intellectually realize they "are embedded in the Earth" and cannot live independently from Her but they don't FEEL it. At every moment the Earth moves through us as food, water, air, and fire (metabolism) and we are inextricably linked to a vast web of life but seldom do we take the time to be aware and honor this greatest of mysteries.

The purpose of of both our workshops and expeditions is to help restore that felt connection to the Earth and in the process help participants bond in ways they may have never experienced. In so doing, the facilitators and Sacred Earth Network hope to build communities that are active defenders of the natural world and its biological and spiritual integrity as well as catalysts for a new Earth-honoring culture. Of course, this may take many forms and the facilitators do not presume to know what is best for each individual but they have noticed that when people feel connected to Nature and to each other they think more clearly and intuit their role in the larger scheme of things.

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