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Intro by the Editor

Into the Wilds of Tuva

Environmental Partnerships in the Altai

Solar Electric Panels in the Altai

So What is This "Healing Self/Healing Earth" Workshop Anyway?

What’s New At The Metamorphosis Project?

Welcoming Spring with the Birdathon

Farewells and Welcomes

Events and Newsletters - Summer 2002 - Issue 18

Intro by the Editor
by Cathy Pedevillano (Editor)

Change is that powerful universal constant that inevitably affects us in our daily lives and in the world around us. The past year we have all witnessed the power of change from the heart-breaking events of September 11 to the war in Afghanistan and tragic retaliations between Israel and Palestine. We have experienced the effects of global climate change from erratic weather patterns to devastating fires, droughts, and floods. The long list of other dramatic events is breathtaking. It may well be we are in the intense times of the “Earth Changes” that many indigenous cultures have prophesied.

Tuvan throat singers: photo by Lucien Kragiel
Tuvan throat singers
photo by Lucien Kragiel

In response, we at Sacred Earth Network (SEN) have renewed our committment to creating a more peaceful, loving world. We continue our work of promoting cultural understanding, ecological awareness and innovative ways of living more sustainably on this planet. You’ll notice in this newsletter the theme of partnerships woven throughout, from the Russian Environmental Partnership Program to a trip co-led by SEN and another not-for-profit organization, Dream Change Coalition. Riane Eisler, in her scholarly book the “Chalice and the Blade” makes a strong case that partnership, not domination, is the real human nature and that our civilization has been the abberation, not the norm.

Installing solar panels in the Altai: photo by Alyson Ewald
Installing solar panels in the Altai
photo by Alyson Ewald

You’ll read of our practical “hands on” efforts to assist Russian environmentalists from installing solar panels at an alternative energy demonstration site, to building composting toilets at an environmental education center. You’ll also see how SEN is providing assistance to Siberia’s indigenous people in a variety of ways.

SEN’s Metamorphosis Project continues to provide in-depth workshop experiences that help people connect more deeply with themselves, each other and the Earth. In this issue, you’ll get a glimpse into the inner workings of our Healing Self/Healing Earth workshop.

Altai mountains: photo by Slava Trigubovich
Altai mountains
photo by Slava Trigubovich

The internal structure of Sacred Earth Network is also incorporating partnership into its leadership dynamics as we move from a hierarchical model to one of teamwork. After 14 years, Bill Pfeiffer has stepped down as Executive Director to pursue more direct project implementation at SEN and Davis Chapman has taken over the helm as Managing Director along with a soon-to-be-hired Co-Director. We thank all of our members, long-standing and recent, for your continued support as we all journey through these exciting, powerful times on planet Earth.

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