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Events and Newsletters - Summer 2002 - Issue 18

What’s New At The Metamorphosis Project?

Butterfly image We started the year off powerfully with our annual “Winter Retreat for Activists and Healers” on Martin Luther King weekend in January. This was a wonderful gathering of folks who care about what’s happening on the planet coming together to connect with kindred spirits to laugh, cry, play, support each other and deepen their connection to Mother Earth. We were blessed with one of the few snowy winter weekends, and were able to cross-country ski, snowshoe and play in the snow. The group was a mixture of new faces and long-standing friends. We thank all those who made this wonderful retreat possible, a true celebration of life in the dead of winter.

May was a busy month for Meta activities. Leslie Goldstein and Cathy Pedevillano facilitiated a mini-workshop called “Transforming Pain into Power” at the UMass, Amherst Students for Sustainability Conference. SEN wholeheartedly supports this student organization that brought together many experts in the sustainability field.

SEN staff facilitated two workshops in May at “Moonshadow,” an amazing community of folks in the hills of Tennessee devoting their time and energy to living more sustainably and teaching others to do so. Bill Pfeiffer and Cathy Pedevillano returned to facilitate another “Healing Self, Healing Earth” weekend workshop and then, together with Leslie Goldstein, facilitated “Healing Self, Healing Earth II”. It was wonderful to work with returnees in the second weekend and to go deeper into connecting with Earth, self and each other. The second workshop wove together different processes such as a despair circle, fire ceremony and BRETHwork and allowed time to be together in community and to connect to the power and spirit of the land. We are deeply grateful to the residents and friends of Moonshadow who received us and our work so graciously and appreciatively. We look forward to returning there and sharing more of our “Earth” work in the future.

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