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Events and Newsletters - Summer 2002 - Issue 18

Welcoming Spring with the Birdathon

The eighth annual Sacred Earth Network Birdathon fundraiser happened in Petersham on May 11 and 12. Teams of birders set out on foot from the lodge at Earthlands recording all birds seen or heard within a 24 hour period. These dedicated birders and fundraisers forged through swamps, meadows, forests, hills and along streams and ponds to try and find the most birds possible and raise the most money for SEN. This year, with all teams combined, we recorded 91 species! This was the highest number ever found, beating 1999 by one. We had three new species never before seen on the territory (Least Sandpiper, Cliff Swallow, and Lincoln’s Sparrow) and two species never before found during the Birdathon (Bald Eagle and Cooper’s Hawk).

Many thanks go to Davis Chapman for organizing the event. In his words, “Highlights included a male scarlet tanager sitting next to a male rose-breasted grosbeak, a nice mixed flock of warblers in the streamside bushes where they were easy to see, the great-horned owl gliding away across the swamp, the virginia rail which walked up almost to my shoes, and six male wood ducks paddling around a pond.”

Special thanks to Vanessa Paulman for organizing food, Jackie Damsky and Cambia Davis for providing bagels and fruit, and Susan Cutting and Leslie Goldstein for lending binoculars. Most of all, thanks to all those who joined us and all those who gave generously to support Sacred Earth Network!”

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