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Clay. Straw. and Sandhill Cranes; Natural Building Exchange 2003

The Ancient and the New. Side By Side in the Altai

Two Worlds One People

Good Medicine All Around; East-West Indigenous Exchange Fall 2003

Russian Environmental Partnership Program (REPP)

Food For Thought

Events and Newsletters - Winter 2004 - Issue 20

Food For Thought

"Conservation is simply a state of mind. All we have to do to save the world is to change how we view the importance of nature. Saving the world is not a job that requires some highly developed technology, or some arcane new science, or some hitherto undeveloped social system. It simply requires changing our minds. The fact that only we have control over our own minds puts the job of saving the world squarely in the lap of each of us. It is not someone else's responsibility, it is ours."

         Dr. Roger Payne

Photo by Slava Trigabuvich
Photo by Slava Trigabuvich

'Old Indians, Native people from all over the world, and most of all our people's ancient ancestors will tell you that our Indigenousity is in the ground, in the water, in the Earth itself. And inside of us wherever that Earth is found, it is there that our Indigenous Soul resides, waiting like a noble in exile.

It is from this indigenous place, this Earth inside our bodies, that our memory of how to be well in a place patiently waits. The Indigenous Soul of humans is the soul of being able to be truly at home as a human being. “
         Martin Prechtel

“Mankind has the responsibility to make sure that peace includes all the plants, animals, rivers, and insects. Peace, without peace for all, is not true peace.”

         Chumpi from John Perkins, “Spirit of the Shuar”

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